Tax Lien Removal



Though the IRS is often right about things, they do make mistakes. In some cases, there are very legitimate methods of removing a tax lien, but you must know where to begin. As with all IRS verdicts, you can always appeal their decisions and this includes liens. In order to remove a lien, you must prove that they made some type of error in their negotiations and/or decision. The fastest way to remove a lien is simply to pay off the amount in full. As soon as the IRS receives and verifies your payment, they will release the lien.


You might be able to prove that the lien was filed in error. You’ll need substantial and undeniable proof, however. Though it will require a tax expert to do this, you might be able to prove that the IRS did not follow correct procedures during the execution of the tax lien. If you believe this is true, then work with a tax professional. They have the skills and experience to know where to look and how to assemble a winning case.


The IRS must give you an opportunity to dispute the amount assessed by the IRS, so if you can prove that they did not do this, then you may be able to get the lien removed. Another effective means of removing a lien has to do with your spouse. You can claim that your spouse should be held responsible for the amount owed. If you were going through a bankruptcy at the time that the lien was filed, you may have a winning case.

There is a statute of limitations on owed taxes, so if it has been more than 10 years, you might be forgiven of the. The IRS does have the ability to extend the statute so never assume that it has run out. Always call or write and get the most up to date status on your case.

The Fresh Start Initiative is another program that makes it easier to pay off the amount you owe and avoid tax levies and seizures. The IRS offers many programs to help taxpayers get their taxes paid off or get on some type of installment plan. If you can negotiate with them asking that some of the interest and penalty amounts be removed, then the remaining balance may be manageable.


If you’ve got a lien notice, then you should read it carefully. You are given certain options, such as the ability to ask for a Collection Due Process hearing at the Office of Appeals. You must make the request within 30 days from the fifth day that the lien was filed, or by the date designated on your notice.


At The Tax Resolvers, we understand how devastating it can be to go through a tax levy or seizure of assets. People often feel worried about their future and unsure of what to do. This is the major reason why taxpayers often benefit greatly from assistance. We can explain what notices mean and help you understand all your options. The IRS has many programs to help those who are behind on taxes, but even some tax professionals are not aware of them all.

When you work with The Tax Resolvers, we focus on helping to get your tax problems resolved as quickly and cheaply as possible. We can file various official forms to stop or delay the tax lien. We can also help with having the tax lien removed from your credit report.


You may be able to file a tax lien withdrawal. This document can remove the lien as if it were never there. This is only possible in a few situations such as proving that the lien was filed falsely. It does give taxpayers some hope, but it will require very strategic negotiations. The Fresh Start Initiative also allows the lien to be removed completely but there are requirements in order to qualify for this program. Your balance must be under $25,000 and you must set up an installment agreement with direct debit.

In many cases, tax liens stay on your credit report even if they’re paid off. Working with a skilled expert may enable you to have the lien removed so that it will not affect your credit score. There are many other tactics for having a lien removed such as the Offer in Compromise. Since there are so many programs available, its best to work with a seasoned professional who can help you find the one that best meets your needs.

At The Tax Resolvers, we stay by your side throughout the whole process and keep you up to date on the progress. We explain notices you may have received and we work to help you build the right case to have your lien removed. We can handle any or all negotiations and this can be a great benefit to many taxpayers. You’ll have an expert working on your case with the knowledge and experience to get the best outcome in your case. Please call The Tax Resolvers if you’d like to learn more about how to get a tax lien removed.



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