State Tax Issues


Taxpayers are often surprised to find that the State Tax Collection authorities are actually more aggressive than the IRS. In many cases, if you owe the IRS money, then you will also owe money on your State Tax return. And again, the state tax authority will often move quicker to take action against those who owe back taxes.

In addition, the state tax collection system has a very impressive reach, making it hard on taxpayers if they do not respond in a timely manner. For instance, they can garnish your wages in order to get their money quickly. They can also seize your assets or place levies on bank accounts. That’s why it’s so important to deal with the state taxing authority in a responsible and timely manner.

If you are behind on your state tax filings or already owe them money, then The Tax Resolvers has qualified representatives who are familiar with your specific state tax laws. We can help by evaluating your current circumstances and making recommendations about the best way to proceed.

Our tax professionals will work with you to bring you into compliance with your state tax laws, including filing any outstanding returns. We can apprise you regarding the payment options available to you. There may be programs that you qualify for to help reduce the overall tax amount you owe.


The Tax Resolvers can assist you with an existing state sales tax issues as well, and we work with clients to help them avoid future sales tax problems. If you’d like to learn more about customized tax planning for your individual or business tax return, please call us.

Working with an experienced tax professional from The Tax Resolvers offers numerous opportunities to get the type of help you need right now. We can negotiate settlement options, secure release from tax levies, and work toward a thorough and quick resolution of your state tax issues. Please contact us to get started.

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