Audit Representation


Tax audit representation is an important service where a tax or legal professional assists a taxpayer who is being audited by the IRS or state income tax bureau. Taxpayers are legally allowed to have an expert help them with an income tax audit. If you have an upcoming audit, the IRS and each state allow an authorized representative to present facts and evidence on your behalf.


Specific credentials are required of the representative who will assist you and these include CPAs, professionals, and enrolled agents. Your audit representative will work with you before the official audit to come up with a viable strategy to defend your position. He or she will then prepare all the documents required by the taxing authority. Then on the day of the meeting, your representative will go with you and answer on your behalf.

Most people find tax audit representation to be extremely helpful. You not only get a licensed professional to help complete all paperwork, but they can help you get all the right documents together to show to the taxing agency. Working together, you can answer all the questions and present the correct evidence to support your tax return. It may be possible to grant power of professional to an professional or your audit representative so that you don’t have to attend the audit in person.

In many cases, the IRS will simply be asking for additional information about your tax return. They may not want to meet with you at all. Be sure to reply to their letter at once with the additional info they request. If you are not sure what the IRS is asking for, you can call them for an explanation or contact your CPA. Never ignore letters from the IRS or state taxing authority. Answer their requests right away. If you aren’t able to supply the needed info in their time frame, you can call and ask to make arrangements. Audits can be postponed for several weeks.


After the audit, the IRS will calculate any taxes and penalties you owe and inform you of these. If you do not agree with their assessment, you can appeal their decision. In some cases, the IRS may be willing to reduce penalties and interest in order to get the taxes paid and be done with your case. If you have a good tax professional, they will be highly skilled at these types of negotiations. The IRS normally tries to avoid taking cases to court because of the cost.

If you are being audited, then you can greatly benefit from working with a licensed professional. The Tax Resolvers is standing by to assist you with tax problems from personal and business audits to negotiating down the interest and penalties.

We can assist with all types of IRS problems and we’ll help you prepare your case complete with supporting documents. We attempt to settle the matter via mail correspondence so you can avoid a personal interview. We understand the stress involved in dealing with the IRS and have abundant experience in audits and other IRS issues. Please contact The Tax Resolvers for help with your upcoming audit.



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