There are many benefits to working with a professional tax relief agency. Some are more obvious than others. For instance, the sheer complexity of the tax code makes it challenging even for a CPA to understand all the nuances. You can count on changes coming down from the government each year and this would keep any accountant on their toes. When you take into account how some stipulations and requirements can be interpreted in various ways, you can quickly see that understanding the tax laws is better left to the pros.


An arbitrator serves as a go-between to negotiate terms, conditions and even reductions in your owed taxes. Sometimes taxpayers can get very emotional when dealing with IRS agents. Since the tax laws can be confusing, it’s easy to see how someone might get frustrated. This is the worst thing you can do when trying to negotiate a lower amount. When you work with The Tax Resolvers, you’ll have a trained, experienced negotiator to help you get a fair deal from the IRS.


As everyone knows, you get charged lots of interest, penalties, and fees on any amount you owe the IRS. This can significantly increase the amount you owe. The computer automatically puts these charges on the unpaid balance every month. When you have a skilled team member from The Tax Resolvers working with you, these fees may be reduced. It does require professional skills and an understanding of how the IRS works.


Unfortunately, some taxpayers have allowed things to get so out of control that the IRS is threatening to place liens on their assets. Tax levies and liens can make anyone’s life miserable. Property seizure is a viable method used by the IRS to collect past-due balances. When you work with a tax relief firm, you can avoid this very unsettling and painful experience. Statistics show that property and bank account seizures are on the rise.


Imagine the IRS taking most or all of your weekly paycheck. This is called wage garnishment and it is often used as a tool to collect unpaid taxes. The IRS, at their discretion, can take anywhere from 30-75% of your income until the back taxes are paid in full. With a professional tax relief firm working for you, it may be possible to put an end to this and make other arrangements for repayment of owed taxes.




If you’ve ever been audited, then you know the stress involved. No one wants to face the IRS alone. When you work with The Tax Resolvers, we stand by your side and work with you to help you prepare. Then we go with you to speak on your behalf and answer those tough or complex questions about your tax returns. We make sure that your rights as a taxpayer are fully upheld.


With The Tax Resolvers working on your behalf, it is possible to reduce the amount of taxes you owe. We negotiate to help you settle your tax back taxes and get on a comfortable repayment plan to pay the amount off completely. Many taxpayers are not fully aware of the types of tax settlement programs available. You have certain rights as a taxpayer as well. A tax relief agency can ensure that you’re treated fairly and given all the concessions due.

Often, people are surprised at how much it helps to have a tax relief firm to work with. It can relieve your anxiety and you’ll have professionals to answer your questions and concerns. As tax relief specialists, The Tax Resolvers are committed to giving clients personalized, expert services. We will fully represent your interests in all communications with the IRS. We know how important it is to handle all negotiations with the utmost care and professionalism.


Why not contact The Tax Resolvers if you’re concerned about overdue taxes? We can apprise you of your rights and make valuable suggestions about how to proceed. You will feel much more confident about dealing with the IRS when you have a tax pro from our agency to work with.

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