The Tax Resolvers is an organization that works with arbitrators, tax professionals, accounting experts and others with specific industry experience. Our highly skilled team has been helping taxpayers for years with their needs. Each member brings their own special expertise to the table, whether it’s crunching numbers or negotiating. All our people are somehow involved in the financial services industry and they are wholly committed to helping our customers.


The Tax Resolvers is a professional organization that is dedicated to helping consumers with their tax problems. We understand how stressful it can be to deal with the IRS. Every year, thousands of taxpayers have a wide range of issues with the IRS and they just don’t know where to turn. Do you ask a friend for help? Do you hire an accountant? How do you know you’ll be able to get the help you need? What if the cost to work with a tax professional is exorbitant? We know that taxpayers need relief from the worries of overdue taxes.

Company Philosophy

Our company was established to give taxpayers that help they need, including a clear assessment of their current situation and solutions to clear up the problems. We’re not in business to make matters worse by overcharging our customers and then not delivering on our promises. We take our job very seriously because we understand the consequences of unpaid taxes.


The IRS is a very powerful government organization that can take your weekly wages and your assets in order to satisfy your tax bill. Many times, our customers tell us that just knowing they have someone reliable in their corner relieves much of the worry. As our company grows and moves forward, we do so knowing how important it is to keep our promises to our customers.

Committed to Excellence

The Tax Resolvers is committed to excellence on every level and our people work hard each year to help taxpayers negotiate with the IRS to resolve their tax issues. The foundation of our company is hard work, integrity, and honesty. Our fundamental philosophy includes treating every customer with dignity and respect. We’ve been in business long enough to know that most people honestly want to do the right thing.

Confidential Professional Care

We keep the circumstances of your case completely confidential. You may have come into the situation of being behind on your taxes from circumstances beyond your control. This is often the case. People go through tragic illnesses, the loss of employment, personal problems, divorce and family problems that drain all their resources. The last thing anyone wants is to get crossways with the IRS, and yet it does happen to thousands of good, hard-working citizens each year.


You can always count on personalized service and your case will receive the attention required to get your tax problems resolved. Thats our promise to you. Please call us to learn more about the many ways we can help.